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Online Webinar via Zoom

Europese webinars: Huidlymfomen en patiëntenorganisatie

Een 6-tal webinars (vanaf 26 april)georganiseerd door ERN-EuroBloodNet. In de webinar van 31 mei (17uur) is Nederland met Prof. Vermeer en Mieke de Leeuw het onderwerp geweest.

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Europese webinars: Huidlymfomen en patiëntenorganisatie

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Zie nieuwsbrief

Online Webinar via Zoom

Over de patiëntendag


  • Six sessions, once per month on Monday, from 5 pm to 6 pm (CET), starting from April 2021.
  • 25 min of presentation + 35 min for questions (written in the chat)

How to connect patients in Europe to CL experts via the ERN (Services available at national or  European level, Virtual Board, CPMS).         Month: 26 April 2021

         Speakers: Prof. Martine Bagot and Pierre Aumont

Introduction to cutaneous lymphomas, the two prevalent subtypes: Mycosis Fungoides and Sézary Syndrome, Diagnosis and staging.        Month: 31st May 2021

        Speakers: Prof Maarten Vermeer and Mieke de Leeuw

Introduction to Cutaneous Lymphomas, other subtypes, diagnosis and staging.        Month: 28th of June 2021

        Speakers: Prof. Antonio Cozzio and Susan Thornton

Treatment options available in Europe: Skin directed therapy, Systemic therapy and Clinical trials.         Month: 19th of July 2021

         Speakers : Prof. Rudolf Stadler and Guy Bouguet

Quality of life: Fatigue, Itch and Skin care, Psychological impact.          Month: 13th of September 2021

        Speakers: Prof. Julia Scarisbrick and Jenni Burrows

Impact of treatments on quality of life.        Month: 18th of October 2021

        Speakers Prof. Pietro Quaglino and Keturah Harris.

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